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Verification Documentation for release OB4

Verification Documentation for release OB4

Available documents:

  • Verification Software Overview [PDF link] [MSWORD link]

  • Vfyruninfo Editor [PDF link] [MSWORD link]

    IVP Batch Program
  • Pairing [PDF link] [MSWORD link]
  • Verification [PDF link] [MSWORD link]

  • Verify Pairs Ingestor [PDF link] [MSWORD link]

    IVP Batch Builder
  • Outline [PDF link] [WPD link]
  • Chapters 1-4 [PDF link] [WPD link]
  • Chapter 5: GUI Components [PDF link] [WPD link]
  • Chapter 6: Instructions [PDF link] [WPD link]
  • Appendix A: System Settings File [PDF link] [WPD link]

  • Interactive Verification Program [PDF link] [MSWORD link]

    Format Descriptions: [PDF format (Adobe)] [MSWORD format (Microsoft Word)] [WPD format (WordPerfect)]

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