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Hydrology Laboratory
Planning, Programming, and Coordination (PPC) Group

The Office of Hydrologic Development’s Planning, Programming, and Coordination (PPC) group leads the planning, acquisition, tracking, and resource analyses for NOAA and NWS hydrology programs. PPC employees report directly to the OHD Director.

The PPC is organized into the following services:

  • uc Planning and Programming Management – provide guidance, information, and resource analyses for NOAA hydrology programs, and represents them on the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) Goal Teams.
  • Program Execution – coordinate and monitor science and software development among NWS River Forecast Centers to ensure the efficient and economical use of NWS resources to support NOAA’s Hydrology Program.
  • uc Administrative and Human Resources – coordinate OHD travel, time and attendance, telework, office supply procurement and other administrative efforts. Research policies for management and ensures the execution of critical personnel actions and awards. Facilitate NOAA’s workforce management programs and work closely with CFO/CIO staff to ensure organization and program activities adhere to established policies and procedures.
  • uc Budget/Finance – coordinate with NWS and NOAA Chief Financial Officers to formulate, manage, and report on the annual budget.
  • uc IT and Property Coordination – provide direct NWS Hotline support to OHD. Manage property inventory. Manage OHD technology refresh.
  • uc Procurement and Contract Administration – provide procurement, contract and grant administration services including the preparation and tracking of requisitions, coding and analysis of invoices, filing contract documents, and reporting on the status of these activities.

The cross-functional nature of our employees is reflected in the PPC Organization Chart.

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