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Team Charter
River Forecast Center (RFC)
Archive Database Update and Maintenance Team

Vision: An efficient, maintainable RFC archive database that meets the needs of the RFCs.

Mission: To provide requirements, documentation, and assist in the enhancement and maintenance of the RFC Archive Database.
The team will:

  • Review existing documents to determine specifications not yet included in current implementation. Documents to be reviewed include but are not limited to:
  • Review requirements/priorities collected by OCWWS/HSD relating to the RFC Archive Database.

  • Prioritize outstanding requirements and work with the Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services (OCWWS) / Hydrologic Services Division (HSD) to submit requirements to appropriate process for action (DR, Small Enhancement, OSIP/HOSIP).

  • Work with Office of Hydrologic Development (OHD) to provide updates in accordance with OSIP/HOSIP and AWIPS procedures for developing and delivering software for AWIPS builds.

    • Act as consultants to the AWIPS contractor (Raytheon) for RAX Discrepancy Reports (DR) which they may be assigned. The DRs may be for bug fixes or small enhancements to RAX software.
    • Assign tasks to team members to fulfill the requirements when deemed appropriate, in consultation with OHD.
    • NOTE: Procedures for working with Raytheon to accomplish RAX software updates are being developed and will evolve during the year.

  • Provide support for new/updated applications during the pre-release AWIPS testing.

  • Provide documentation for new/updated applications.

  • Note: The team is not responsible for the WFO archive software.

Goal: Enhanced, maintainable RFC Archive Database.

Scope and Authority:

  • Recommendations must be realistic

  • Analysis must be objective and unbiased

  • Basis for decisions will be decided on by the team (majority, consensus, other).

  • Staff time and any necessary travel expenses will be covered by the team members organization.

  • Additional resources may be requested from the regions or national headquarters.

Termination Date: The team will be formed and commence activities in January, 2007 and remain in place for a period of one year. The team will be renewed annually.

Success Criteria: Delivers RAX requirements, documentation, and software in coordination with OCWWS/HSD and OHD for AWIPS builds in calendar year 2007. Team will also provide technical assistance to Raytheon on DRs.

Team Membership: The team will be made up of at least three regional representatives, one from the OHD, and one from the OCWWS/HSD. The team leader will be chosen by the team. Additional personnel from the Regions or Headquarters may participate as resources without being official members of the team.

FY2007 Team Members:

Julie Meyer CR - MBRFC Team Leader
Brenda Alcorn WR - CBRFC  
Arleen Lunsford AR - APRFC  
James Paul SR - LMRFC  
Jeanne Wallace ER - NERFC  
Russ Erb OHD  
Randy Rieman OCWWS/HSD  

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