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SR RFC Consistent Web Concept

Main Page:
When the users enters the main page they will see a map of the entire Southern Region. This map will include topography, state boundaries, and forecast group boundaries. The forecast groups will be highlighted according to the legend to be determined (i.e. Above Action Stage, Above Flood Stage, Above Moderate Flood, etc.) Each forecast group will be clickable so the user can zoom into their desired area. This map should be updated whenever a new forecast is issued.

Forecast Group Page:
The Forecast Group page will include a detailed map of the zoomed in area including topography, basins, rivers, state boundaries, forecast points, and latest stage. The forecast point will be color coded according to a legend (i.e. low flow through record flooding) and will be clickable to more detailed information. Around the map will be arrows pointing to surrounding forecast groups. This map should be updated whenever a forecast is issued or a new reading is posted.

Below the map will be a "snapshot" of river conditions with the name, latest stage, 3 - 5 day forecast, crest, above/below info. The rows can also be colored to match the legend on the map above. The SID will be clickable to get more detailed information. This would work best if all information was data based and updated "on the fly."

Forecast Point Page:
The Forecast Point page will include information such as hydrograph, latest stage, text forecast, warnings, watches, highest stages, map, etc. It will probably be modeled after the CR AHPS pages. A link to the USGS or USACE should also be included as well as links to upstream and downstream points.



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