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The U.S. Government does not endorse any particular make or model of receiver. This list, which contains many of the NOAA Weather Radio/EAS receiver manufacturers and suppliers, is intended to illustrate the variety of products currently available. As each receiver is unique and has multiple features, buyers should determine which receiver best meets their particular needs. They should purchase the receiver only under the condition that it can be returned if it doesn't work at their location.

Standard NOAA Weather Radio (Receives only NWR broadcasts with alarms for all watches and warnings): Cherokee Electronics, Communistar, Inc., Computer Automation Technology, First Alert, Hamtronics, Homesafe, Inc., Maxon, Midland, MTS Communications, Oregon Scientific, Radio Shack, Reach Electronics, SunMate, Weatherman Alert, and TMC, Inc.

NOAA Weather Radio with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) (Receives only NWR broadcasts with programmable alarms for specific areas and specific watch and warning events): Alert Products, Cherokee Electronics, First Alert, Gorman-Redlich, Homesafe, INH Technology, MTS Communications, Oregon Scientific, Radio Shack, Thunder Eagle, and Weatherman Alert.

Consumer Products (multi-purpose electronics, AM/FM receivers, clock radios, AM/FM/TV band receivers, and AM/FM/cassette players): Cherokee Electronics, General Electric, Grundig, Midland, Motorola, Oregon Scientific, Radio Shack, Sony, C.C. Crane, Remington, Sunmate, Wilson Sporting Goods, and Zenith.

Marine: Apelco, Cobra, Garmin, Humminbird, ICOM, Radio Shack, Ranger, Raytheon, Ross, Shakespeare, Standard, Uniden, and West Marine.

CB: Cobra, General Electric, Maxon, Midland, Radio Shack, Uniden.

Scanner: Radio Shack, Uniden.

Automotive: Audiovox, BMW, Cadillac, Clarion, Denon, Land Rover, Mercedes, Panasonic, Saab, and Suzuki.

Cable TV: Hollyanne.

Aviation: Bendix/King, ICOM, and Yaesu.

Emergency Alert (primarily for commercial use): ASI, DataRadio, Earth Alert, Federal Warning Systems, Hollyanne, Sage, TFT, Thunder Eagle, and Weather Warning Systems.

Receivers are available at many retail stores that carry electronic equipment, auto radios, marine supplies, and sports equipment. They are also available at office supply stores, truck stops, on cable shopping networks, on the Internet, in specialty catalogs, from auto dealers, and directly through newspaper and magazine ads.


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Special Thanks To:

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Reprinted April 2000

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