Section 2 —Recommendations

Currently, NOAA Weather Radio is the simplest and most efficient way to warn people about impending hazards. The technological explosion of the past 10 years is fostering new and innovative ways to bring hazard warnings to the public. To reach the most people, we must use multiple distribution methods. And we must use all available technologies—both current and future—to deliver better, faster, cheaper, and more effective hazard warnings. We must ensure that the message is delivered by entering into partner-ships with private industry to deliver those potential life-saving warnings. Partnerships include both standard and cell telephone services; paging; broadcast, satellite, and cable television; and emerging and developing technologies, such as "intelligent" transportation alarm systems.

To realize these goals, the Multi-Agency Working Group of Vice President Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government recommends:

1. The Federal Government enhance the use of existing technologies.

NOAA Weather RadioHere's how:

2. The Vice President should direct the Multi-Agency Working Group to:

See Appendix for specifics of recommendations.

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