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The provision of climate services has become a high priority for NOAA, and is a natural extension of the agency’s commitment of recent years to climate research and monitoring. The NWS has been designated the NOAA lead for the operational delivery of climate services, capitalizing on its nationwide infrastructure of local experts, its network of partners, and its close coordination with other developers of climate products. This website has been developed as a resource and aid for NWS climate service providers.

The objectives of this module are to provide the NWS Climate Service Personnel with a familiarity of the broad array of climate services and the NOAA units responsible for their production, to introduce a Web-based tool to aid NWS field personnel in locating climate information, and to provide a working knowledge of the Climate Services Clearinghouse (a recently-developed search engine) in order to assist customers directly in their request for climate services.

This training includes two components:

1. This reference website to climate services providers and their products / services.
2. Residence training on using the reference website for climate services providers in NWS Local Climate Services.

After completing these two components, participants are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the following:

• Providers of climate data
• Providers of climate forecasts and information on climate variability (e.g., ENSO)
• Climate service search tools


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