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Professional Competency Unit 1:
Demonstrate Knowledge of the Infrastructure for Climate Data, Information, and Services
Producer: Jenna Meyers, NWSHQ Analyze, Forecast, & Services Office (AFSO)

Training need: NWS field staff must provide accurate and consistent climate information to NWS customers, and have a working knowledge of credible sources of information from a wide array of providers.

Training objective: NWS field staff need to identify appropriate sources of climate information.

Specific Job Task Skills and Knowledge

1. Demonstrate knowledge of climate data providers (use online reference below to access individual institution web site):

Regional Climate Centers
OAR/NCO Integrated Regional Assessments
Cooperative Institutes
State Climatologists
OAR Laboratories (e.g., CDC, PMEL, AOML, FSL, GLERL)
Local sources (e.g., office, cooperative observers)
USDA, USGS, COE, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation

2. Demonstrate knowledge of providers of climate forecasts:

Climate Prediction Center (CPC)
Experimental (e.g., IRI, CDC, CPC)
Private sector
Regional Climate Centers (RCCs)/State Climatologists
Other national weather services (e.g., UKMO)

3. Demonstrate knowledge of providers of information on climate variability (e.g., global warming):

Official NOAA sources (e.g., CPC, CDC)
Other government labs
Private organizations (e.g., EPRI)
International Organizations (e.g., IPCC)
RCCs/State Climatologists

PCU1 Instructional Components:

Instructional Component 1: Become familiar with the reference website "Climate Data, Information and Services" and use this website in conducting local office customer services

  • Reference to Climate Data, Information and Services (link to the reference website "Climate Data, Information and Services")
  • Use of reference website "Climate Data, Information and Services" link to residence training on Operational Climate Services)


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