Name ______________________

1. You receive a phone call at 3:00 A.M. The caller identifies himself as the DES Coordinator for Teton County. He states that the dam tender from the dam at Lake Elwell called him and told him that the dam has a minor leak, and that there isn't anything to worry about.That is all the information that was available to him. List the actions that you would take.

2. You look at the river sites on HYDROVIEW. You notice that the triangle at Melrose, on the Big Hole River, is red.

What actions do you take?

3. You are working a day shift and notice that the models for the past three days have indicated a strong upper level low developing and moving over southwestern and central Montana just in time for the weekend. Each run has hinted at the event, but at a slower movement. The snowpack has just begun to come out of the mountains. The temperatures had been warm during the day and back down around freezing at night. Temperatures will remain warm during the day but are not forecast to get down near freezing at night. Rivers are running where they should be for the time of year. What product, if any, would you issue? What other actions would you take?

4. In RIVERPRO, there is a FLTGTF statement. What does it mean?

Flood Watch _________________________ A. GTFRVSGTF
All Public Outlooks ____________________ B. GTFFLSGTF
Flash Flood Warning_____________________ C. GTFESFGTF
Flood Warning_____________________ D. GTFFFWGTF

Flash Flood Watch _____________________

Urban and/or Small Stream Advisories________ F. GTFFLWGTF
All Follow-up Statements to Flood/Flash Flood Watches and Warnings _________  
All Routine Public Hydro Products ______________