WS Form E-19

What is an E-19?

The WS form E-19 contains detailed station and flood history information for a river gage station. This information is an invaluable hydrologic resource used in many capacities, especially during active hydrologic situations.

How is an E-19 generated?

E-19s are generated electronically via WHFS. The information needed to create an E-19 is input into and stored in HYDROBASE.

When should the contents of an E-19 be updated?

In most cases E-19s are updated every 10 years. There are exceptions, however and Service Hydrologists/Hydro Focal Points should contact the appropriate HSD for specific requirements. They also must be updated if changes are made to the gage station information, or to include information after significant flooding.

Who should receive copies of the E-19s from your office?

Copies of E-19s MUST be sent to:

w Regional Hydrologic Services Division (HSD)

w Hydrologic Information Center - the Office of Hydrology

w The supporting River Forecast Center(s)

w Any appropriate cooperators (local agreements made by the WFO with other entities)

w For offices without a Service Hydrologist, a copy must be sent to the supporting office.

Do hard copies need to be printed?

Only until there is an effective means of transmitting E-19s electronically via AWIPS. However, in one form or another, updated and new E-19s must be forwarded to the above destinations!

What information is needed to produce an E-19, and where can it be found?

The following pages will describe the contents of an E-19 and provide possible sources to find the information. The list of sources should not be considered exclusive. Two example E-19s will follow the description pages.