Data Sources on the Web


This home page gives access to real time streamflow and stage information for USGS owned gages across the country. The data is available in graphical or tabular format. Station information and historical records are also available.


This home page gives access to the NWSLI database. Click on NWSLI on the left hand column. You will need to register to get a username and password to enter the NWSLI page. From there, you can look up site information stored in the NWSLI database.


This is a very comprehensive home page which gives all kinds of information on HADS. It offers access to the most recent changes made in the HADS database, provides location information for the DCPs, current status of each DCP, HADS data path, the HADS user manual, etc...


National Climatic Data Center

This home page allows you to download climatic information, satellite information, radar information, and much more.

Western Region Climate Center

This site includes RAWS and METAR hourly and daily data, PRISM precipitation maps, NOAA precipitation frequency maps, climate monitoring products such as Standardized Precipitation Index.

California Data Exchange Center

This site gives access to all kinds of data for California: current river conditions, snow information, water supply information, river forecasts, reservoir information. It's a very comprehensive, and user friendly web site, with nice maps to refer to and clear graphics.

Tide Data

This site offers tide data in real time (including storm surge) as well as site information. This can be useful for assessing tidal backwater potential.

RAWS Observations

This site gives access to latest RAWS observations throughout the western United States.

National Water and Climate Center - Water Supply

This site provides monthly and seasonal precipitation information (in tabular and graphical formats), streamflow forecast information, snow water information, reservoir reports, and much more.