The Hydrometeorological Automated Data System (HADS) is a system that allows GOES DCP data to be received real-time or near real-time. Raw DCP data is received in NWS headquarter's databases, then HADS decodes, processes and encodes the data into SHEF before sending it out to the field.

Each WFO is responsible for making sure they are receiving all DCP data from HADS that is available to them, and coordinating with OH to make sure all information from HADS is correct.

The HADS home page is one of the primary tools for managing HADS data. This web site provides lists of all DCP locations. It also lists all changes made to the HADS database on a daily basis. Service Hydrologists should check these changes and cross reference the information with the WFO database.


WFO's can request Send On Receipt Reports from HADS, to receive the data needed for their hydrologic program. SORRs provide a way to communicate with the HADS database and set up the system to receive data from certain station. The instructions for SORR's are attacthed to this chapter (see page 2.3-3).

Contacts at OH for HADS issues are:

Larry and Brian can also be contacted via email. They should be alerted if discrepancies are noticed in HADS (wrong NWSLI, lat/long etc...).