National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center


The NOHRSC is located in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It is administratively attached to the Hydrologic Services Division, which is part of the Office of Hydrology at National Weather Service Headquarters. The NOHRSC is the National Weather Service center of expertise in satellite and remote sensing, used to support the NWS hydrology program. The NOHRSC supports various research, developmental, and operational hydrology programs, by providing remotely sensed and geographic information system (GIS) hydrology products, GIS applications, and various spatial data sets.

The most widely used product from NOHRSC are based on estimates of snow cover properties. To estimate this information, the center operates gamma radiation systems on low flying aircraft over a network of more than 1900 flight lines, covering parts of 27 states and 7 Canadian provinces.

Products provided by the NOHRSC

The products are organized into geographic areas (National, sub-national, RFC, CWA). The available data products are:

w Satellite Areal Extent of Snow Cover

w Composite Snow Water Equivalent and % Average SWE

w Airborne Snow Water Equivalent

w Airborne Soil Moisture

w Average Surface Air Temperature

w Cumulative Degree Days

w Change in Snow Water Equivalent

w Change in Snow Cover by Elevation

w Satellite Images

A detailed description of each of these products, and the geographic areas and formats they are available in, as well as the products themselves, can be found on the NOHRSC home page.