WS Form E-3

What is an E-3, and when should it be sent?

WS form E-3 is a flood stage report. It should be prepared whenever a river/stream crests at or above the official flood stage. The report should be sent to the proper recipients by the middle of the following month - at the same time the E-5 is sent. If all of the necessary information for the E-3 is not available by the 15th day of the following month, send whatever information is available. A more detailed report can be sent later, when the information is available.

Who is responsible for preparing the report?

Like the E-5, the E-3 is a station function. It is not solely the responsibility of the Hydrologic Program Manager. Therefore, this report will need to be sent regardless of whether or not the Hydrologic Program Manager is present in the office at the preparation time.

Who must receive a copy of the E-3?

The E-3 should be sent to the same recipients of the E-5:

1) Regional HSD - mail or email, as appropriate to HSD

2) OH - (Hydrometeorological Information Group) - email to: HIC

3) The appropriate supporting River Forecast Center(s)

4) If the office is being supported by a SH from another WFO, then the form must be sent to that supporting WFO.

5) Any agencies/entities in which the WFO has an agreement with, to receive this information.

The contents of an E-3 should include the following:

w The name(s) of the river(s) and station(s) that are at or above the official flood stage. The rivers and stations should be listed in downstream order.

w The maximum crest stage.

w The date when the maximum crest stage occurred.

w The dates that the river was at or above the official flood stage.