Topics that should be covered in E-5 Reports

1) Overview: Summarize the overall hydrometeorological conditions in the HSA during the month.

If flooding has occurred in the HSA, a more comprehensive and detailed account of the situation will be necessary. In addition to the hydrometeorological information listed above, there should be a descriptive summary of the flood event(s). This should include: the names of the affected river(s); the states, counties, and local areas that were impacted; the date, time, magnitude, and duration of the flood(s); any unique characteristics of the flooding.

2) Temperatures and Precipitation Trends:

What was the overall hydrometeorological situation that month?

Were there any unique hydrometeorological conditions which lead to flooding?

Was there more (or less) precipitation than normal?

Were the temperatures colder (or warmer) than normal in the HSA?


3) River and Basin Conditions

This should be a summary of the river or stream conditions throughout the month. Examples of information could include: Any significant river rises, record low river stages, oil or chemical spills, ice conditions, water supply conditions, drought conditions, dam or levee problems (breaks or breeches), precipitation, and any other useful hydrometeorological information.

4) Hydrologic Products

Did the WFO issue any hydrologic products that month?

If yes, what were they?