Resources Related to the Hydrology Program

The following resources should be available at all WFOs:

& All E Chapters from the WSOM, including ROMLs

& SHEF - Weather Service Hydrology Handbook No.1

& Automated Local Flood Warning Systems - NWS Hydrology Handbook No. 2

& Hydrologic Systems Support Handbook - also known as the "Organized Operational Panic System" (OOPS) Manual - NWS Hydrology Handbook No.3

& Hydrometeorological Automated Data System User Handbook (HADS) - NWS Hydrology Handbook No.4

& NWSRFS User's Manual - NWS Hydrology Handbook No.6

&Cooperative Station Observations - NWS Observing Handbook No. 2

& WHFS Operational Manual (also available on the web)

& Operations of the NWS Hydrologic Services Program - Correspondence course

& Introduction to Hydrology - 3rd edition by Warren Viessman, Gary Lewis and John Knapp (blue text book)

& Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems - by Ram Gupta (purple text book)