Establishing a New Forecast Point

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  1. Hydrology Program Managers Course

  2. Finding: "It was identified that additional forecast points are desired on the Klamath River. In addition, several flood-prone areas on the Scott, Shasta, and Indian Creek are gaged but not modeled. Also, ratings on the Coquille River need to be updated."

  3. Needs Assessment

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  5. Data Availability?

  6. Data Collection?

  7. Resource Assessment

  8. Gage Funding

  9. Internal Coordination

  10. Now....the real work begins!

  11. Paper Work

  12. Establishing a site if one does not Exist

  13. Establishing a Gage Datum

  14. Establishing a Reach

  15. Establishing a Flood Stage

  16. Field Survey

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  18. Field Survey continued....

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  20. Notification

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  22. WHFS

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