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Lightning Safety Program
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Survivor Story: Julie

Struck While Unloading Truck

I had my own retail store and one morning it was pouring down and lightening, thunder all over. I had to go to my store's truck which was very old and had metal door openers. I thought nothing of it since I was in a hurry and busy. I think I even had an umbrella. I touch my hand to the metal door opener and shhhhh, lightening hit me for a short second. I could feel it go all the way through me. I dropped my hand and it stopped.

Fortunately, I went back into the store and sat down. I could feel that it hit my head too. But since I was stable I just thought I was a little shocked. I never did call 9 l l but to this day I think I have memory loss. You cannot tell a doctor that though. Anyway, ever since that day I have tremendous respect for lightening and storms and have a real fear when it thunders and lightening is outside. Austin, Texas USA

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