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The National Weather Service has partnered with the National Safe Boating Council to help promote safe boating practices. During Safe Boating Week, NWS will disseminate a Public Information Statement and broadcast public service announcements on NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards. Find out what you should do before you go out in the water and while you are out. Help us promote safe boating by download and reprinting our free graphics and logos. Think you know enough about boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Check our link and be sure. You will also find links to marine forecasts, portals, educational material and related resources. If you, or someone you know, have been in a weather-related boating accident, please share your story so we can prevent others from becoming a victim. When you write, please note that NWS has permission to use your story and, if possible, let us know the town and state you were in and the year the event took place.