NOUS41 KWBC 281300
Public Information Statement, Comment Request
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
900 AM EDT Mon Mar 28 2011
To:      Subscribers:
         -Family of Services
         -NOAA Weather Wire Service
         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees
From:    Eli Jacks
         Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch
Subject: Soliciting Comments until June 1, 2011, on
         Discontinuing the English Language Weather Summary
         Products for Puerto Rico (RWSPR) and the U.S. Virgin
         Islands (RWSVI) and the Spanish Language Weather
         Summary Product for Puerto Rico(RWSSPN)
The NWS is soliciting public comments by June 1, 2011, on 
discontinuing the RWSPR, the RWSVI and the RWSSPN.  These 
products are currently issued by NWS Weather Forecast Office 
(WFO) San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU).

Enhanced graphical products providing similar information

for the weather summary for Puerto Rico and the U.S.

Virgin Islands are online at:


The RWSSPN will not have a replacement product.


Table 1. Products Proposed For Discontinuance


PRODUCT NAME                     AWIPS ID           WMO Heading


Weather Summary for Puerto Rico   RWSPR              AWCA82 TJSJ

Weather Summary for the           RWSVI              AWCA82 TJSJ

  U.S. Virgin Islands

Weather Summary for PR (Spanish)  RWSSPN             AWCA82 TJSJ


Submit comments regarding discontinuance of the SJU weather

summaries for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to:


Israel Matos


Weather Forecast Office San Juan Puerto Rico

Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

787-253-4586 ext. 222



National Public Information Statements are online at: