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Public Information Statement: Amended

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945 AM EST Wed Dec 28 2012


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From:††††† Joseph Facundo

†††††††††† Chief, NWS Observing Systems Branch


Subject:†† Amended: Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E)

†††††††††† for Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS)

†††††††††† Software version 3.08 (v3.08) to start on or

†††††††††† about December 3, 2012


Note:††††† The following changes have no direct impact on

†††††††††† NOAA Weather Wire Service subscribers


The NWS Field Systems Support Center (FSOC) will begin an OT&E on

ASOS software v3.08 on or about December 3, 2012. The new v3.08

software load provides some 58 new functionalities to ASOS and

includes 24 operational fixes to the current operational baseline

v2.79Y. The new capabilities will do the following:


- Help ASOS meet the encoding requirements for METAR/SPECI

reports as outlined in the Federal Meteorological Handbook

No. 1 (FMH 1)

- Add the reporting of ice accretion amounts

- Add the Ice Free Wind (IFW) sensor quality control algorithm

- Provide support for the Federal Aviation and Administrationís

(FAA) Weather Sensor Processor (WSP) program.

- Add an Ice Accretion Remark on the 1 minute page and in the

METAR and SPECI observations. The amount of ice accreting on

a flat surface (planar icing), as estimated by the data from

the freezing rain sensor, will be included in the remarks

section of the METAR/SPECI reports. The remark will have the

format of "Ihnnn", where "h" is the hourly time period, i.e.,

1, 3 or 6 hours. The value "nnn" is the ice thickness

accumulated to the nearest 0.01 inch. A toggle for the ice

accretion remark to be included in the METAR/SPECI reports is



The OT&E will run for approximately 4 months, from about December

3, 2012, through April 2013 at 31 OT&E sites, with observer

augmentation: 27 FAA/NWS service level A, B, C sites, 4 Navy

sites. Detailed information on v3.08 software is online at:


Installation of ASOS v3.08 software will occur at the following

7 FAA/NWS (FAA Contract Tower) sites beginning on or about

December 3, of 2012:


GKNGulkana, AK

TOPTopeka, KS

COUColumbia, MO

ORHWorcester, MA

LIHLihue, HI

PDTPendleton, OR

SPGSt. Petersburg, FL


Installation of ASOS v3.08 software will occur at 20 FAA/NWS (FAA

Towered) sites beginning on or about December 3, 2012:


HIOPortland, OR

JNUJuneau, AK

FAIFairbanks, AK

SITSitka, AK

DSMDes Moines, IA

GRBGreen Bay, WI

PIAPeoria, IL

SGFSpringfield, MO

BISBismarck, ND

ACYAtlantic City, NJ

CLECleveland, OH

PWMPortland, ME


TRIBristol, TN

DFWDallas Ft. Worth, TX

TULTulsa, OK

SLCSalt Lake City, UT

TUSTucson, AZ

OLMOlympia, WA

BILBillings, MT


Installation of ASOS v3.08 will occur at 4 U.S. Navy sites

beginning on or about December 3, 2012:


KNKTCherry Point MCAS, NC


KNIPJacksonville NAS, FL


For more information, please contact:


Joseph Facundo

NWS Observing Systems Branch

Silver Spring, MD 20910

301 713 2093 ext.101


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