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Public Information Statement, Comment Request 
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
1028 AM EDT Tue Mar 27 2012
To:      Subscribers: 
         -Family of Services  
         -NOAA Weather Wire Service
         -Emergency Manager Weather Information Network
         Other NWS partners and NWS employees
From:    Dave Soroka
         Acting Chief, Marine and Coastal Services Branch  
Subject: Soliciting Comments for Two Experimental Services
         from the National Hurricane Center from June 1     
         Through November 30, 2012
Effective June 1 and continuing through November 30, 2012, NWS 
is seeking user feedback on two experimental services from 
the National Hurricane Center (NHC).
In an effort to provide users with additional information to 
enhance planning and preparedness decisions, NHC will provide 
audio briefings (also called podcasts) and videocasts, when the 
media pool is activated by the NHC Public Affairs Officer.  
In general, the media pool is activated by NHC when a hurricane 
watch is initiated for a portion of the United States coastline.  
The experimental services will summarize the NHC media advisories. 
Because the services are experimental, they may not be available 
in a timely manner and they may not be available for every 
media event.
1. Audio briefings (podcasts)
The audio briefings will be provided in mp3 format, an industry 
standard which allows the products be disseminated via the Web.  
Users wishing to download the audio files may do so using their 
Web browser.  Links to mp3 files will be provided with Extensible 
Markup Language (XML)/Really Simple Syndication (RSS) technology.
To subscribe to a podcast, a user would access the XML/RSS file 
using podcasting software. This software is widely available on 
the Web and manages audio feeds. Once a user subscribes to the 
RSS feed, the podcasting software will check for new audio files 
and download them to the user’s computer or mp3 player.

Users wishing to subscribe to the podcast should go to:
Feedback concerning this experimental service is welcomed at:
2.   Videocasts
NHC has entered into an agreement with Weather Decision Technologies 
(WDT), Inc. to provide Internet protocol-based audio and video 
streaming of its hourly hurricane briefings. The relationship with 
WDT, Inc. is intended to provide distant media outlets and the 
general public with access to these briefings.
The video briefings are available to anyone with a Web browser supporting 
mp4 format audio and video at:
Feedback concerning this experimental service is welcomed at:
If you have comments or questions, please contact: 
Dennis Feltgen
Public Affairs Officer
National Hurricane Center
Miami, FL  33165-2140
National Public Information Statements are online at: