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Public Information Statement

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

325 PM EDT Mon Sep 23 2013


To:      Subscribers:

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         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

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         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Bob Detrick

         Acting NOAA Chief Scientist

         Chair, NOAA Research Council


Subject: Release of NOAA Five Year Research and Development

         (R&D) Plan on September 24, 2013


On September 24, 2013, NOAA released the NOAA Five Year Research

and Development (R&D) Plan. The plan, the third of its kind at

NOAA and the first to include development, will help guide the

NOAA R&D portfolio from 2013-2017.


NOAA R&D continues to evolve with the needs of the nation and

has been directed to increase our understanding of the oceans,

coasts, climate and weather. NOAA seeks an understanding of the

global ocean-atmosphere system, and the ecosystems it supports,

to inform decision-making aimed at building a more sustainable

society. This Five Year R&D Plan will:


-Guide the management of R&D projects by providing a basis for

 planning, tracking, and evaluating results


-Promote collaboration with partners inside and outside the

 Federal government to further serve society through NOAA's

 R&D enterprise


NOAA relies on stakeholder input and partnerships for a

successful R&D enterprise. The content of this plan and the

direction of R&D at NOAA is a reflection of our partnership with

you. Your input helped us identify the R&D needs to better serve



We are excited to release the plan in an online, interactive and

accessible format at


A PDF of the plan can also be found on the website.


Thank you for your valuable support throughout the process of

developing this plan and your continued engagement.


This is your opportunity to provide input into NOAA's R&D

portfolio before the release of the final version this summer.

Thank you for your valuable support and engagement.


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