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Public Information Notice, Comment Request

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington Dc

340 PM EDT Mon Apr 21 2014


To:        Subscribers:

           -Family of Services

           -NOAA Weather Wire Service

           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:      Eli Jacks

           Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch


Subject:   Soliciting Comments on the Storm Prediction Center

           (SPC) Experimental Categorical Day 1-3 Convective

           Outlooks through June 17, 2014


NWS is seeking user comments on the SPC experimental Categorical

Day 1-3 Convective Outlooks through June 17, 2014. Examples of

these Outlooks, using historical data, additional information,

and a link to provide user comments are online at:


and via the Product Description Document:


The Experimental SPC Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 Convective Outlooks

for the Continental U.S. will include two new risk categories:


 - "Marginal" replaces the current SEE TEXT used in these


 - "Enhanced" is an additional category to delineate areas of

   risk in the high end of the current SLIGHT risk, but below

   MODERATE risk.


This proposed change is based on partner and user feedback and

the need to provide better consistency with other NWS products.


With the addition of "Marginal" and "Enhanced" categories, the

following categories are included:


 - General Thunderstorms

 - Severe Category 1 - Marginal

 - Severe Category 2 - Slight

 - Severe Category 3 - Enhanced

 - Severe Category 4 - Moderate

 - Severe Category 5 - High


Probabilities associated with the existing risk categories

SLIGHT, MODERATE and HIGH are essentially unchanged (with the

exception of the high end probabilities of the SLIGHT risk

category which are now called Enhanced).


Comments will be accepted through June 17, 2014, online at:


Based on feedback, the experimental products will transition to

operational, be discontinued, or be adjusted and resubmitted for

another comment period.


For more information, please contact:


 John Ferree

 NWS Severe Storms Services

 Norman, OK  73072



 Steven Weiss

 NWS Storm Prediction Center

 Norman, OK  73072



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