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Public Information Statement, Comment Request:  Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters, Washington, DC

155 PM EST Tue Feb 2 2016


To:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         -Other NWS partners, users and employees


From:    Michelle Hawkins

         Acting Chief, Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami

         Services Branch               


Subject: Amended:  Soliciting Comments on the NWPS Model

         Experimental Output through December 30, 2016


Amended to extend comment period through December 30, 2016


NWS is seeking user comments on the Nearshore Wave

Prediction System (NWPS) Model Experimental Output through

December 30, 2016. At present the NWPS wave model is run

locally and used operationally at many coastal Weather

Forecast Offices (WFO). In 2016, the NWPS will be centrally

produced to ensure consistency across the regions. The

output files will then be sent back to the WFOs via the

Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN). The NWPS will be

deployed to all coastal Eastern and Southern Region WFOs in

early 2016. The remaining coastal WFOs (Western, Alaska,

and Pacific Regions) will come on line later in 2016.  


Meanwhile, NWS displays experimental NWPS output products

on the web pages of Southern Region coastal WFOs, Southern

Region Headquarters, and WFO Wakefield, VA in Eastern

Region.  Displays may become available at other sites. 

Output includes displays of winds, wave height, ocean

depth, wave period, wave length, swell and currents. 


Southern Region (SR coastal WFOs and SRH) model output

displays are online at:


Brownsville, Texas


Corpus Christi, Texas


Houston/Galveston, Texas


Jacksonville, Florida


Key West, Florida


Lake Charles, Louisiana


Melbourne, Florida


Miami-South Florida, Florida


Mobile/Pensacola, Alabama/Florida


New Orleans/Baton Rouge, Louisiana


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Southern Region Headquarters, Texas


Tallahassee, Florida


Tampa Bay, Florida


WFO Wakefield, Virginia (in Eastern Region) model output

displays are online at:


A description of the NWPS model output is online at:


Users are encouraged to provide feedback on this

experimental product by using the brief survey and comment

form at:


or provide comments directly to


At the end of the comment period, NWS will then decide

whether to transition the product to nationwide operational

status, extend the comment period, or discontinue the



For questions regarding this notice, please contact:


Richard May/AFS26

NWS Marine Meteorologist

Silver Spring, MD 20910



National Public Information Notices are online at: