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Public Information Notice

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

830 AM EDT Fri Jul 11 2014


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FROM:††† David Novak

†††††††† Acting Director, Weather Prediction Center


SUBJECT: Soliciting Comments until August 11, 2014, on a

†††††††† Proposed Change in the Display Options of the

†††††††† Short-Range Weather Charts


The NWS National Centers for Environmental Predictionís (NCEP)

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is accepting comments until

August 11, 2014, on its proposal to display ONLY the latest

National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) weather forecast for

the weather portion of the short-range weather charts. This

change improves the detail of the product as well as the

consistency between the NDFD and WPC information.


Currently, the weather portion of the short-term weather charts

allows partners and users to select either Color, Black and

White, Terrain Background or NDFD alternate displays:





Black and White:


Terrain Background:




If the proposed change is implemented, the weather portion of the

short-term weather charts will only display the NDFD graphic.

The other display formats and selection buttons (Color, Black and

White and Terrain Background) will not be available.

Additionally, the legacy AWIPS Redbook Graphic format will be

discontinued in favor of the NDFD web display.


Please send comments or requests for more information to:



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