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Public Information Statement 16-01 Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

110 PM EDT Fri Apr 8 2016


To:       Subscribers

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From:    William Bauman

         Chief, Aviation and Space Weather Services Branch


Subject: Amended: Comment period extended for Experimental

Graphical Forecasts for Aviation through June 11, 2016.


The NWS Aviation Weather Center (AWC) in Kansas City, MO, is

extending the comment period on the Experimental Graphical

Forecasts for Aviation through June 11, 2016.


The Experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation can be found



The Experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation are designed

to provide meteorological information equivalent to the textual

Area Forecast (FA), in a graphical format, as requested by the

FAA. This product includes observations and forecasts valid for

the continental United States that provide data critical for

aviation safety overlaid on high-resolution basemaps. FAs for

Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico will not be

affected at this time.


Observational data in the Experimental Graphical Forecasts for

Aviation are time-synchronized and available by the hour for the

current time and the previous six hours. Hourly model data are

available up to 15 hours in the future. Wind, icing and

turbulence forecasts are available in 3000 ft. increments from

the surface up to 18,000 ft. mean sea level (MSL), and in 6,000

ft. increments from flight level (FL)180 to FL480. Turbulence

forecasts are also broken into LO (below 18,000 MSL) and HI

(FL180 and above) graphics. Maximum icing and maximum wind

velocity graphics (regardless of altitude) are also available.


Data including Observations/Warnings, Thunderstorms, Clouds,

Flight Category (Ceiling and Visibility), Precipitation, Icing,

Turbulence, and Winds are available in the Experimental

Graphical Forecasts for Aviation. These data are combined into

categories that the user can select from the top level menu.

Details of each category can be found in the Product Description

Document (PDD):


The Experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation were created

in response to a formal request by the FAA to discontinue

production of the textual FAs. Requirements for the underlying

meteorological information in the FA have not changed. The FAA

recognizes that given modern advances within NWS, the legacy

text FA is no longer the best source of enroute flight planning

weather information. The FAA, pursuant to Title 49 United States

Code Section 44720, established requirements for this weather

information and service, which is necessary for the safe and

efficient conduct of operations in the National Airspace System



Retiring the FA and transitioning to more modern digital and

graphical forecasts will allow NWS to focus the efforts of

forecasters on maximizing operational benefit to aviation end

users, resulting in improved weather information to decision



Based on comments received by FAA and NWS on this proposed

change, NWS plans to discontinue production of FAs once the

Experimental Graphical Forecasts for Aviation product is

approved as operational and when all concerns identified within

submitted comments have been addressed. Formal public

notification will be provided in advance of the action to

discontinue the FAs.


Additional information on the Experimental Graphical Forecasts

for Aviation can be found at:


Comments will be accepted through June 11, 2016, on proposed

operational implementation of the Graphical Forecasts for

Aviation as a replacement for existing text FAs, via the

following electronic survey:


If you have any questions regarding the Graphical Forecasts for

Aviation, contact:


Mike Bettwy

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Aviation Weather Center

Kansas City, MO 64153



National Public Information Statements are online at: