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Public Information Statement 16-07

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

843 AM EDT Mon Apr 4 2016


TO:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         -Other NWS Partners, Users, and Employees


FROM:     John Murphy

         NWS Chief Operating Officer


SUBJECT:  Exploring use of Periscope Social Media

          Application through approximately July 31, 2016


NWS is exploring the potential utility of the Periscope

application (app) in carrying out the NWS mission. Periscope is

a social media tool which allows users to provide live-streaming

video and audio content to those who choose to view the content

via Periscope. NWS will look at the potential for viewing of

content provided by other Periscope users, provision of

information related to imminent hazardous weather conditions,

and/or educational information of value to the general public.


Because exploring the use of Periscope cannot be done outside of

the public Periscope environment, prototyping efforts will be

publicly visible. Over the next several weeks, prototype use of

Periscope will be established for the following sites:


WFO Sacramento

WFO Reno

WFO Tucson, AZ

WFO Salt Lake City

WFO Anchorage

WFO Des Moines

WFO Kansas City/Pleasant Hill

WFO Indianapolis

RFC West Gulf

WFO Birmingham, AL

WFO Nashville, TN

WFO Pittsburgh, PA

WFO Charleston, SC

National Hurricane Center


The period of prototyping is expected to last approximately

through July 31, 2016.  Based on the prototype findings, NWS

will determine whether to pursue use of Periscope or other live

streaming tools at field offices. If NWS decides to pursue use

of Periscope and offer this service on a more consistent basis,

we will send another Public Information Notice initiating an

experimental public comment and review period.


Please note that as a prototype service, the use of Periscope

may be discontinued at any time, the amount and content of

information provided may change, and the frequency of content

may vary and is not guaranteed.


Periscope content and response to real-time comments will be

provided on a time-available basis. Users should not rely on

this service as the primary means of receiving NWS information

about hazardous weather conditions. Users should tune to NOAA

weather radio or local/national media sources for the latest

critical information. NWS alerts and warnings are also available

on our official website:


Disclaimers regarding NWS use of social media services can be

found at:


If you have comments or questions regarding this public

information statement, please contact:


  Corey Pieper

  National Weather Service

  819 Taylor Street

  Fort Worth,TX 76102


National public information statements are online: