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Public Information Statement 16-09

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

338 PM EDT Mon Apr 4 2016


To:         Subscribers:

            -NOAA Weather Wire Service

            -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


            Other NWS partners and employees


From:       William Bauman

            Chief, Aviation and Space Weather

              Services Branch


Subject:    Soliciting comments through June 6, 2016 on the

            Experimental AWC PIREP Online Submission Form


Effective April 12, 2016, 1500 Coordinated Universal Time

(UTC), the NWS Aviation Weather Center (AWC) in Kansas

City, MO, will make the experimental Pilot Report (PIREP)

Online Submission Form available to users on an experimental

basis to solicit feedback. The PIREP online submission form

is a means by which pilots, operators and dispatchers may

submit pilot reports electronically.


Users will be required to register before accessing the

PIREP Submit form. Validation of user accounts will

consider whether the applicant has the following:


-Pilot's license

-Email address ending in .gov or .mil

-Group id number for airlines


Pilot license information will be obtained from the FAA

public registry


All other requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


The AWC PIREP Online Submission Form will be available at:



The AWC PIREP Online Submission Form is supplemental to the

FAA Aeronautical Information System Replacement (AIS-R),

the current means of collecting PIREPs. The AWC PIREP form

enables registered users to directly enter pertinent

inflight weather information; thereby increasing the

overall number of PIREPs available to the NWS, FAA and

aviation community. PIREPs assist pilots, dispatchers and

flight planners with flight plan preparation, situational

awareness and operational decision making.


In addition, PIREPs are integrated into the NWS forecast

production process to help improve the accuracy of the

forecasts. PIREPs submitted via the website will be

automatically formatted, distributed and displayed

graphically on:


The FAA, pursuant to Title 49 United States Code Section

44720, established requirements for this weather

information and service necessary for the safe and

efficient conduct of operations in the National Airspace

System (NAS).


The Service Description Document can be found at:


Comments will be accepted through June 6, 2016, via the

following electronic survey:


If you have any questions regarding the experimental AWC

PIREP Online Submission Form, please contact:


Mike Bettwy

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Aviation Weather Center

Kansas City, MO 64153



National Technical Implementation Notices are online at: