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Public Information Notice 16-30
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
325 PM EDT Wed Sep 7 2016

To:      Subscribers:
         - NOAA Weather Wire Service
         - Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
         - NOAAPORT
         Other NWS partners and NWS employees

From:    Eli Jacks
         Chief, Forecast Services Division

Subject: Effective September 7, 2016, NWS is launching a new
         website for the NWS Hazard Simplification Project and
         soliciting feedback on two optional hazard maps for the home page

Effective September 7, 2016, NWS is launching a new website for
the NWS Hazard Simplification Project and soliciting feedback on
two optional hazard maps for the home page.

Over the past two years, via its Hazard Simplification Project
(known as Haz Simp), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration's (NOAA) NWS has been investigating options for
simplifying and clarifying the messages for weather and
water hazards.   

Specifically, NWS is conducting an examination of messages issued
using our "Watch," "Warning" and "Advisory" (WWA) system to
assess its clarity and effectiveness. This examination is
focusing both on the language used in NWS messaging to convey
forecaster expectations of hazard timing, certainty and impacts;
and also on how well our graphics convey these same expectations.
The results of this examination could lead to improvements to
better enable users to take life- and property-saving action.

The purpose of this Public Information Notice is twofold. First,
we are announcing the release of a new NWS Haz Simp website at:

This site contains links to surveys to collect feedback on
proposed messaging options, as well as information on project
history, details and reference sources.

Second, based on project feedback collected to date, we are
announcing the availability of the first in a series of public
comment opportunities on proposed changes to the WWA system.  
These proposed changes fall into one of two categories. The
first category, called WWA "Repairs," includes changes that
could take place relatively quickly via minor adjustments to
policy or software. The second category, called WWA "Revamp,"
refers to changes that would require extensive coordination, and
major adjustments to policy and/or systems.

This first comment opportunity falls in the "Repair" category.  
We are asking for public comment on two prototype, optional
hazards maps that could be used on the home page

The current hazards map on the NWS homepage features 122 colors
(one for each individual WWA hazard). We have received feedback
that this map sometimes becomes confusing and cluttered during
active weather. The proposed prototype maps have been designed
with the goal of addressing this issue. Based on public comment,
one or both of these maps could be displayed as options on the homepage, in addition to the current WWA map.  

To access more detail on the map options and provide your
comments, please use the survey link below:

Live, automatically updated versions of these map options are
also available at the following link:

There are no immediate plans for operational changes at this
time; however, your comments will play a major role in any
future decisions. Additional comment opportunities will be
announced via additional Public Information Notices in the weeks
ahead. The associated survey links will be added to the website
as they become available.

If you have questions or comments about the NWS Hazard
Simplification Project, please email:

Hazard Simplification Group

National Public Information Notices are online at: