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Public Information Notice 16-40

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

114 AM EST Tue Nov 29 2016


To:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:    Eli Jacks, Chief, Forecast Services Division


Subject: NWS Hazard Simplification Project Activity #2:

         Collecting Public Comment on a Proposed Consolidation

         and Reformatting of Winter Advisory, and Flooding Watch

         and Advisory Products through December 31, 2016


NWS is requesting comments on the latest stage of its Hazard

Simplification project (Haz Simp) through December 31, 2016


The purpose of the Haz Simp project is to explore options for

simplifying and clarifying NWS hazard messaging, with a focus on

the NWS Watch, Warning and Advisory (WWA) system.


On September 7, NWS announced the availability of a new web page

for the Haz Simp Project and also released the first in a series

of public comment opportunities. At that time, we asked for

comment on two, 4-color maps that are proposed for possible use

on the NWS Homepage ( This survey is now closed and

we are currently analyzing the results.


NWS now announces a second public comment opportunity; this time

on a proposal to reduce the number of Watch and Advisory hazard

messages (also called hazard "products") for flooding and winter

precipitation. NWS is referring to this product reduction

proposal as "consolidation." We also propose simplifying the

format of these products.


Specifically, we are collecting comments on the following



1) Options for consolidating the current Flash Flood Watch and

Flood Watch products into one "Flood Watch" product.  


2) A proposal to integrate all information in current Flood

Advisory messages (e.g., Urban and Small Stream, Arroyo and

Small Stream, Small Stream, and Hydraulic Advisories)into one

"Flood Advisory" product.


3) Options for combining the three existing winter precipitation

Advisory products (Winter Weather, Freezing Rain and Lake Effect

Snow Advisories) into one "Winter Weather Advisory" product.


Below are two separate survey links. The first link requests

your comments on proposals 1 and 2. The second link requests

your comments on proposal 3.


A reformatting and shortening of the messaging products is

proposed in all three cases, and both surveys first check your

understanding of the "Watch" and "Advisory" terms. Please take

either or both surveys according to your level of interest.


Flooding Survey:


Winter Precipitation Survey:


HazSimp Website:


For more information, please email:


National Public Information Notices are online at: