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Public Information Statement 17-20

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

335 PM EDT Mon May 1 2017    


TO:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


FROM:    David Ruth

         Acting Director, Meteorological Development Laboratory


SUBJECT: Soliciting comments on MDL Model Output Statistics

         (MOS) product suite through June 30, 2017             


The NWS is soliciting comments on the statistical post-processed

product suite from the Meteorological Development Laboratory

(MDL) through June 30, 2017. MDL provides statistical post-

processed guidance for sensible weather elements such as

reliable probabilities for the full distribution of potential

outcomes, including infrequent events like low visibility, low

ceiling, high winds, and heavy precipitation events. Other

benefits of the MOS include reducing error and removing bias

from the direct model output. 


The MDL Statistical Modeling Branch currently produces the

following suite of post-processed guidance:


-Gridded Ensemble Kernel Density MOS (EKDMOS)

-EKDMOS Station text

-Gridded Global Forecast System (GFS)-based MOS (GMOS)

-GFS Station MOS (text)

-Localized Aviation MOS Program (LAMP)(text)

-Gridded LAMP (GLMP)

-North American Mesoscale Model (NAM) Station MOS (text).


Web links to the MOS related products are below:


Gridded Ensemble Kernel Density MOS (EKDMOS)


EKDMOS Station Text


Gridded Global Forecast System (GFS) MOS (GMOS or MOSGuide)


GFS Station MOS text



Localized Aviation MOS Program (LAMP) text


Gridded Localized Aviation MOS Program (GLMP)


North American Mesoscale Model (NAM) Station MOS text


MDL is interested in better understanding the types of products

used, formats needed, and suggestions for improvements on the

MOS product suite at:


MDL wants to be responsive to user and partner requirements.  We

will use the information gathered by this survey as we make our

long term plans.  If you have questions, please contact:


Jeff Craven

Chief, Statistical Modeling Branch

Meteorological Development Laboratory

Office of Science and Technology Integration

Silver Spring, MD



NWS Public Information Statements are online at: