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Public Information Statement 17-32

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

255 PM EDT Wed Sep 20 2017

To: Subscribers:

-NOAA Weather Wire Service

-Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN)


Other NWS partners and NWS employees

From: Craig Hodan

Chief, Dissemination Systems Branch

Subject: Soliciting comments until October 24, 2017, on the

proposed termination of the EMWIN ByteBlaster and

HostMaster services

NWS is accepting comments until October 24, 2017, on the

proposed termination of the EMWIN ByteBlaster and HostMaster

services on or about April 30, 2018.

ByteBlaster is a client-server software application which has

been implemented in privately developed and commercial software

offerings. The NWS operates four ByteBlaster servers as a public

service, actively pushing all products appearing on the EMWIN

satellite broadcast to users operating a ByteBlaster client or

other compatible software over the Internet. Users may connect

to the NWS ByteBlaster servers without the approval of, or

intervention by, the NWS. HostMaster is a ByteBlaster server

load-balancing software application used to manage the clients

connected to ByteBlaster servers and automatically transfer

connected clients from one known server to another in the event

of a server failure.


Weather, water and climate products disseminated by the NWS

ByteBlaster service include national and international watches,

warnings, advisories, observations, forecasts and remote sensing

information in text and picture (binary) formats. As an

Internet-based service, ByteBlaster client-server connections

can be operated from any location, worldwide, with Internet



The NWS is in the process of consolidating its dissemination

services into a common architecture. Transitioning ByteBlaster

into this new architecture will require significant NWS

resources and time. Alternate public Internet-based methods are

available for acquiring the products disseminated by

ByteBlaster. These alternatives provide users with the

opportunity to replace ByteBlaster in their local operations. A

sample of these services and their comparative equivalence to

ByteBlaster follows:


1. EMWIN File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Archive

- Interface: file pull initiated by user

- Text Products: all text files on EMWIN satellite broadcast, in

ZIP file format

- Binary Product: all binary files sent on EMWIN satellite

broadcast in ZIP file format

- Reference: click on the link eEMWIN FTP Service Description

draft v0.2 (Draft), available here:

2. NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS) Operational Interface (OI).

- Interface: automated XMPP file push to registered users (no fee)

- Text Products: NWS US weather watches, warnings and

advisories; does not include International products and non-

weather emergency messages.

- Binary Products: none.

- Reference:

3. Global Telecommunication Service (GTS) Internet File Service


- Interface: user initiated web browser Graphical User

Interface (GUI) and a command line interface over public Internet

- Text Products: limited to International products for North

America, Central America and Caribbean; virtually no US WFO

generated products

- Binary Products: none.

- Reference: click on the "GIFS Open Access RMTN Users Guide"

link here:

Web browser link:

4. All EMWIN binary products may also be obtained by users

directly from the web pages accessed by EMWIN, which are

documented in the "EMWIN Image and Data Capture Catalog," here:

The final disposition of the EMWIN ByteBlaster and HostMaster

services will be determined after the NWS has reviewed all

comments. NWS will issue a Service Change Notice in the event

termination is approved.


Partners and users are encouraged to email comments regarding

this proposal to:


National Public Information Notices are online at: