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Service Change Notice 11-28

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1030 AM EDT Wed Aug 10 2011


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From:      Therese Z. Pierce

           Chief, Marine and Coastal Weather Services 



Subject:   Relocation of National Data Buoy Center Buoy 

           44018 on or about October 15


On or about October 15, The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has requested National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) buoy 44018 be relocated. Buoy 44018 is currently located approximately 30 nautical miles east of Nantucket, Massachusetts at 41.255 N and 69.305 W. The proposed relocation would move the buoy to the north and west to coordinates 42.132 N and 69.813 W or approximately 10 nautical miles east of Truro, MA. 


The proposed new location will provide more efficient response times in the USCG’s search and rescue operations in the area and thus, enhance its public safety mission.  The move will allow the USCG to react with more suitable resources based on the observed weather conditions. Also, the USCG believes the new location would provide excellent sampling of northeast swells across the Gulf of Maine and east swells from the Georges Bank. None of the measuring parameters of the buoy will be changed, just the location.  A map showing the current and proposed locations can be seen at the link below.


The proposed location would place the buoy in a more heavily traveled area which would also assist the National Weather Service (NWS) in providing improved marine services along the northeast coastal and offshore waters. The Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen Association and the Steamship Authority (provide ferry service to the island) have also formally stated the relocation would not cause any degradation of service in their opinion.


Further information on buoy 44018 can be found at:


If you have any comments on the relocation of buoy 44018, please send, by September 6, 2011, to the following e-mail addresses with the subject line “Relocation of Buoy 44018”:


For more information, contact:


    Wayne Presnell

    Meteorologist, Marine and Coastal Services Branch

    Silver Spring , MD 20910

    301-713-1677, ext. 103


National Service Change Notices are online at: