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Service Change Notice 12-04
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
1027 AM EST Thu Feb 2 2012
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From:     Eli Jacks
          Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch
Subject:  Changes in Fire Weather Forecast Zones for Middle and
          East Tennessee Effective March 6, 2012

Effective Tuesday March 6, 2012 at 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, 1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) in Morristown (MRX) and Nashville (OHX), Tennessee, will reconfigure their fire weather forecast zones with respect to Moore County, TN.  Specifically, Moore County, TN, will become part of WFO OHX, renamed TNZ502, Highland Rim District - South (old zone name Tennessee Forest District 5 South). Currently this zone is part of WFO MRX, named TNZ300, Cumberland District - South (old zone name Tennessee Forest District 3).


After this zone change, all fire weather forecasts and products for Moore County, TN, will be contained in the standard suite of fire weather products issued by WFO OHX. In addition, the following Tennessee Forest (TF) District names will become effective on March 6, 2012:


Zone Code    Old Zone Name          New Zone Name


TNZ150       TF District 1          East Tennessee District-East

TNZ200       TF District 2          East Tennessee District-West

TNZ300       TF District 3          Cumberland District-South

TNZ400       TF District 4          Cumberland District-North

TNZ501       TF District 5 North    Highland Rim District-North

TNZ502       TF District 5 South    Highland Rim District-South


These changes have been requested by the Tennessee Division of Forestry (TN DOF) and are reflected in its current policy.


Partners and users of WFO MRX and OHX fire weather products will need to update their system(s) to continue receiving correct fire weather forecasts/products.


An updated fire weather zone map shapefile containing the new zones is online at:


If you have any questions or comments about this reconfiguration of fire weather zones or the TN Fire District name changes please contact:


George Mathews                        Larry Vannozzi

Meteorologist-in-Charge               Meteorologist-in-Charge

WFO Morristown                        WFO Nashville     


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David Gaffin                          John Cohen

Fire Weather Program Leader           Fire Weather Program Leader

WFO Morristown                        WFO Nashville       

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Paul Witsaman

NWS - Southern Region

Fire Weather Program Manager

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