Service Change Notice 12-43 Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

340 PM EST Fri Nov 9 2012


To:        Subscribers:

           -Family of Services

           -NOAA Weather Wire Service

           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:      Kolly Mars

           Chief, NWS Internet Dissemination System


Subject:   Amended: GovDelivery Dissemination of NWS Alerts

           by email/SMS


SCN 12-43 issued on November 8, 2012, indicated that effective

November 8, 2012, NWS is discontinuing the weather alert services

associated with the mass email/SMS service provided under NWS

contract with GovDelivery. This service had been provided by free

subscription on


The National Weather Service contract with EFIIA Consulting, LLC

(GovDelivery service) is scheduled to terminate effective

November 13, 2012. While the service provided by GovDelivery

under the contract has met all government requirements, current

fiscal challenges require the NWS to review dissemination methods

to ensure the most efficient means are used to provide the public

with essential services. 


It is our understanding that GovDelivery, Inc. intends to

continue an equivalent service and enable additional

subscriptions through their company Website at:


GovDelivery intends to send current subscribers a message that

will provide subscribers an opportunity to re-subscribe to the

new service.


A small number of subscribers who were recipients of non-publicly

available messages will receive a separate notification from the

NWS provider of this information regarding the delivery status of

these messages.


The NWS will continue to provide alert and warning information in

standard formats (such as RSS, XML, REST, and CAP), which are

available to all users, including commercial providers who wish

to develop comparable alerting services.  A sample listing of

existing services providing email/SMS alerts for weather events,

is available at:


Official dissemination sources including NOAA Weather Radio, NOAA

Weather Wire Service, and


will continue to be available to the public, and the iNWS service


for emergency managers and other core partners will also



For more information please contact:


   Mark Paese

   Director, Office of Operational Systems

   1325 East West Hwy

   Silver Spring, MD 20910


National Service Change Notices are online at: