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Service Change Notice 13-29

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1000 AM EDT Mon Apr 22 2013


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From:††† Mark Tew

†††††††† Chief, Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch


Subject: Transition of National Hurricane Center Audio Briefings

†††††††† from Experimental to Operational Effective June 1, 2013††††



Effective June 1, 2013, the Audio Briefings produced by the

National Hurricane Center (NHC) will transition from experimental

to operational.


In an effort to provide users with additional information to

enhance planning and preparedness decisions, NHC will provide

Audio Briefings (also called podcasts), when the media pool is

activated by the NHC Public Affairs Officer. In general, the

media pool is activated by NHC when a hurricane watch is

initiated for a portion of the United States coastline.The

audio briefings will provide the latest information regarding the

hurricane threat and its expected impacts.


The Audio Briefings will be provided in mp3 format, an industry

standard that allows products to be posted online.Links to mp3

files will be provided with Extensible Markup Language

(XML)/Really Simple Syndication (RSS) technology.


To subscribe to a podcast, a user would access the XML/RSS file

using podcasting software. This software is widely available on

the Internet.Once subscribed to the RSS feed, the podcasting

software will periodically check for new audio files and

downloads them to the userís computer or mp3 player.


Users wishing to subscribe to the podcast should go to:


If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact:


Dennis Feltgen

Public Affairs Officer

NOAA Communications & External Affairs

National Hurricane Center

Miami, FL


Phone: 305-229-4404


Service Change Notices are online at: