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Service Change Notice 13-53

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

145 PM EDT Fri Aug 23 2013


TO:       Subscribers

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


FROM:     Richard J. Vogt

          Director, WSR-88D Radar Operations Center


SUBJECT:  Initiation of Additional FAA WSR-88D Level II Data

          Streams Beginning September 2013


This notice provides an update of NWS plans to initiate

electronic collection, distribution and archive of Weather

Surveillance Radar-1988, Doppler (WSR-88D) Level II data at the 

7 additional FAA WSR-88Ds listed below.



----    ---------        -----     ---------------

PABC    Bethel           Alaska    September 2013

PAIH    Middleton Island Alaska    September 2013

PAHG    Anchorage        Alaska    September 2013

PAKC    King Salmon      Alaska    September 2013

PACG    Sitka            Alaska    March 2014

PAEC    Nome             Alaska    March 2014

PAPD    Fairbanks        Alaska    March 2014


Activation of Level II data collection is expected to begin at

four of these sites in September 2013, but definitive activation

dates cannot be given at this time. The remaining three sites are

expected to initiate Level II data distribution in March 2014. 

The activation at each site will depend on installation of OPSnet

communication hardware at the associated NWS Weather Forecast

Offices and the Radar Product Generator software Build 13.2. 


The Level II Data transmitted from the first four sites in

September will initially be Version 7 (Recombined Super

Resolution) and include dual polarization Level II data. The

Level II data will revert to Version 6 when Software Build 14 is

installed in spring 2014.


To determine the availability of Level 2 data from these 7 FAA

WSR-88Ds, check the NWS Level 2 Status website:


For comments or questions regarding these changes contact:


  Mike Istok

  NWS Headquarters, Office of Science and Technology


  Christina Horvat

  WSR-88D Radar Operations Center


National Service Change Notices are online at: