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Service Change Notice 13-6

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

910 AM EST Wed Jan 23 2013


TO:          Subscribers:

             -Family of Services

             -NOAA Weather Wire Service

             -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


             Other NWS partners and NWS employees


FROM:        Mark Tew

             Chief, Marine and Coastal Services Branch


SUBJECT:     Elimination of EYE and Sddition of CENTER as

             Possible Remarks in the Temp Drop Message for

             Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific,

             Central Pacific and Western Pacific Hurricane


             Effective May 15, 2013


To minimize confusion and increase consistency with other storm-

related items, the changes detailed below will become effective

on May 15, 2013, for the Temp Drop Message (TDM). The TDM as

reported from Department of Defense (DOD) and NOAA aircraft

conducting reconnaissance missions for tropical cyclones. There

are no changes to WMO Headers or AWIPS IDs for the TDMs.


Currently, the Remarks Section (Data Identifer 62626) of the TDM

allows use of the word EYE. Dropsonde (sonde) operators have

been using the word EYE in the Remarks for all sondes released

in the center of all tropical cyclones; however, use of the word

EYE might suggest there is a partial or complete eyewall, when

this may not be the case.


Therefore, effective May 15, 2013, the EYE remark in the Remarks

section will no longer be used. The word CENTER may be used in

the Remarks section. The use of the word CENTER will indicate

the sonde was released in the center of a tropical cyclone,

regardless of whether an actual eye exists.


In summary, effective May 15, 2013, only the following remarks

will be used in the TDM:  CENTER, EYEWALL XXX, MXWNDBND, or



Table G-6, Temp Drop Code, Identifier 62626 and Figure G-3,

Example Temp Drop Message for Tropical Cyclones, are provided in

the National Hurricane Operations Plan.  The 2012 plan is

provided on line at:


The 2013 NHOP will be posted on line by June 1, 2013, along with

the new TDM format for 2013 in Table G-6 and a new example in

Figure G-3.  


If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact:


     John F. Kuhn

     National Weather Service

     Marine and Coastal Services Branch

     Silver Spring, Maryland  20910

     Telephone:  301-713-1677 x121



Service Change Notices are online at: