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Service Change Notice 13-75

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

415 PM EST Fri Nov 22 2013


To:       Subscribers:

          - Family of Services

          - NOAA Weather Wire Service

          - Emergency Managers Weather Information Network

          - NOAAPORT

          Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:     Eli Jacks

          Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch


Subject:  Change to the Federal Information Processing Sstandards

          (FIPS) Code Part of Southeast Alaska Effective

          February 5, 2014


Effective February 5, 2014, the NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

in Juneau (AJK), Alaska, will implement changes to the FIPS codes

adopted in 2009 by the American National Standards 

Institute (ANSI):


1. Prince of Wales-Outer-Ketchikan Census Area (FIPS code 02201).

Part of this area (Outer Ketchikan) was annexed by Ketchikan

Gateway Borough (FIPS code 02130), part was included in the new

Wrangell City and Borough (FIPS code 02275), and the remainder

was renamed Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area (FIPS code 02198).


2. Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area (FIPS code 02232). This area

was split to create Skagway Municipality (FIPS 02230) and Hoonah-

Angoon Census Area (FIPS code 02105).


3. Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area (FIPS code 02280). This area 

was split to create part of Wrangell City and Borough (FIPS code

02275) and all of Petersburg Census Area (FIPS code 02195).


A graphical depiction of these changes is online at:


The FIPS code is used in the county portion of the NOAA Weather

Radio (NWR) Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) code.  The

correct FIPS code is critical for receiving weather information. 

All NWS partners and users and weather radio owners who receive

products that rely on the NWR SAME code, must reprogram their

equipment no later than February 5, 2014.  Partners and users may

want to program the new codes before February 5, 2014, and retain

the current codes in their systems until after February 6, 2014.

That way the change on February 5, 2014, will be transparent and

users will only need to delete the old codes after the



All NOAA Weather Radio users and individuals and organizations,

such as media, law enforcement, emergency management and schools,

who own a weather radio receiver with NWR SAME capabilities, must

reprogram their weather radio receivers to continue to receive

weather information.  Instructions on reprogramming your weather

radio are in the owner’s manual or available from the

manufacturer of your radio, your local retailer or online at the

radio manufacturer’s web site.


For your information a list of many weather radio receiver

manufacturers is online at:


The NWS NOAA Weather Radio SAME code information page:


A toll-free number provided by the NWS: 1-888-NWR-SAME (1-888-



An updated shapefile is online at:


More detailed information about the ANSI codes for counties and

county equivalent entities, commonly known as FIPS county codes,

and changes to those codes can be found online at


Additional information on this and any future NWS implementations

of FIPS code changes is online at:


For more information, please contact:


   Joel Curtis

   NWS Weather Forecast Office

   Juneau, AK


National Service Change Notices are online at: