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Service Change Notice 16-03

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

120 PM EST Thu Jan 28 2016


TO:        National Weather Service (NWS) Offices

           Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Customers

           Family of Services (FOS) Subscribers

           Other Customers of NWS Aviation Forecasts


FROM:      William Bauman

           Chief, Aviation & Space Weather Services Branch


SUBJECT:   Change of Identifier for New York Oceanic Flight

           Information Region (FIR), effective April 14, 2016


NOTE:      The following changes have no impact on NOAA

           Weather Wire Service subscribers.


Effective April 14, 2016, at 1500 Coordinated Universal Time

(UTC), 1100 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the NWS will begin using

the recently implemented 3-letter identifier ZWY for the New

York Oceanic Flight Information Region (FIR) in all NWS

products.  This will replace the previously used ZNY identifier

for the New York Oceanic FIR.  The New York FIR over land will

continue to be referenced via the ZNY identifier. 


FIRs are geographical areas referenced by air traffic

controllers and in weather forecasts and warnings.  The

descriptions and GIS files for the FIRs are maintained by the

International Civil Aviation Organization.


If you have questions regarding this product, contact:


Matt Strahan

International Operations Branch Chief

Aviation Weather Center

Kansas City MO 64153



National Service Change Notices are online at: