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Service Change Notice 16-08: Corrected

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1005 AM EDT Mon Mar 14 2016


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FROM:     Mary Mullusky

          Chief, Water Resources Services Branch


SUBJECT:  Corrected:  Experimental Forecast of Reference Crop

          Evapotranspiration (FRET) for Short Canopy

          Vegetation Will Become Operational Effective

          April 13, 2016


Corrected URLs for downloading FRET GRIB2 files


Effective April 13, 2016, the FRET for Short Canopy Vegetation

will transition to operational. FRET is the expected depth of

water (in hundredths of inches) that would evaporate and

transpire from a reference crop under the forecast weather

conditions on a daily and weekly basis over the next 7 days.


FRET is calculated using the Penman-Monteith Reference

Evapotranspiration Equation and NWS gridded forecasts of

temperature, relative humidity, wind, and cloud cover. The FRET

is for short crops with an approximate height of 12 cm similar

to full cover grasses. The intent of this product is to provide

our stakeholders with enhanced detail on the amount of

evapotranspiration to make better water resource management

decisions. The FRET's target audience includes water managers,

academia, media, and the general public.


Since 2014, NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) began

providing on an experimental basis three FRET grids for the

CONUS in the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD). Based on

positive feedback for the experimental product,the following

FRET grids for the CONUS will be added to the NDFD on an

operational basis:


- Daily FRET grids for the next 7 days

- Total Weekly FRET grids for the 7-day period

- Daily FRET departure from normal grids


FRET grids for the CONUS will be available from the NDFD in the

following standard methods:


- Gridded Binary Version 2 (GRIB2) files via Hypertext Transfer   

  Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

- Extensible Markup Language (XML) via Simple Object Access



- Graphics via web browser


The GRIB2 files for the CONUS sector will be available for

download at:


Images of the grids can be viewed online at the following URL:


under the following names:


- Daily FRET (ds.fret.bin)

- Total Weekly FRET (ds.frettot.bin)

- Daily FRET departure from Normal (ds.fretdep.bin)


For users who key on the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

super heading to access NDFD elements, the super headings are:


Geographical  Element                WMO Headers


------------  -------                -----------

CONUS         Daily FRET             ZEUZ98 KWBN and ZEUZ97 KWBN

CONUS         Total Weekly FRET      ZZUZ97 KWBN

CONUS         FRET Departure         ZLUZ98 KWBN and ZLUZ97 KWBN

                from Normal


Evapotranspiration Table (ETT) text products from 28 WFOs

composed of daily FRET values for particular locations for the

next seven days will also be available (Table 1).


Table 1: Communication identifiers for NWS offices providing the

Experimental Evapotranspiration Table text products


Issuing WFO                  WMO Header                 AWIPS Id

-----------                  -----------                --------

Las Vegas, NV                AXUS95 KWBN                ETTVEF

Tucson, AZ                   AXUS95 KWBN                ETTTWC

Sacramento, CA               AXUS95 KWBN                ETTSTO

Great Falls, MT              AXUS95 KWBN                ETTTFX

Salt Lake City, UT           AXUS95 KWBN                ETTSLC

Reno, NV                     AXUS95 KWBN                ETTREV

Phoenix, AZ                  AXUS95 KWBN                ETTPSR

Portland, OR                 AXUS95 KWBN                ETTPQR

Raleigh, NC                  AXUS95 KWBN                ETTRAH

San Diego, CA                AXUS95 KWBN                ETTSGX

Flagstaff, AZ                AXUS95 KWBN                ETTFGZ

Blacksburg, VA               AXUS95 KWBN                ETTRNK

Monterey, CA                 AXUS95 KWBN                ETTMTR

Hanford, CA                  AXUS95 KWBN                ETTHNX

Missoula, MT                 AXUS95 KWBN                ETTMSO

Elko, NV                     AXUS95 KWBN                ETTLKN

Glasgow, MT                  AXUS95 KWBN                ETTGGW

Billings, MT                 AXUS95 KWBN                ETTBYZ

Wakefield, VA                AXUS95 KWBN                ETTAKQ

Medford, OR                  AXUS95 KWBN                ETTMFR

Spokane, WA                  AXUS95 KWBN                ETTOTX

Albuquerque, NM              AXUS95 KWBN                ETTABQ

Los Angeles/Oxnard, CA       AXUS95 KWBN                ETTLOX

Greenville-Spartanburg, SC   AXUS95 KWBN                ETTGSP

Newport/Morehead City, NC    AXUS95 KWBN                ETTMHX

Boise, ID                    AXUS95 KWBN                ETTBOI

Wilmington, NC               AXUS95 KWBN                ETTILM

Pendleton, OR                AXUS95 KWBN                ETTPDT


Effective April 13, 2016, websites depicting experimental FRET

for WFOs in Western and Central Region will be discontinued. A

list of some of these websites is available at:


If you have any questions, you may contact:


Dan Matusiewicz

AFSO/FSD/Water Resources Services Branch

Silver Spring, MD  20910



NWS Service Change Notices are online at: