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Service Change Notice 16-21 Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

723 AM EDT Fri Jul 8 2016


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FROM:††† David Novak

†††††††† Director, Weather Prediction Center


SUBJECT: Amended: Change to WPC Day 1-3 Excessive Rainfall

†††††††† Outlooks Effective August 1, 2016


Amended to change effective date due to planned critical weather

day during Democratic Convention


Effective Monday, August 1, 2016, at 1500 Coordinated Universal

Time (UTC), the National Centers for Environmental Predictionís

(NCEP) Weather Prediction Center (WPC) will change the Excessive

Rainfall Outlook as follows:


- Replace "SEE TEXT" with a 2 percent "Marginal" contour

- Provide the new 2 percent Marginal contour on the Day 1, Day 2

and Day 3 products, currently See Text is only provided on

Day 1

- Allow issuance of a "High Risk" on Day 2, currently restricted

to Day 1

- color-fill the graphical web product


A comparison of the current product and proposed product is

available at:


These changes provide more specific risk information farther out

in time and align the look of the product with other National

Center outlooks.

Products affected by this proposed change include the web

graphics at


as well as the following:

Product††††††† WMO Header†† AWIPS ID

-------††††††† -------------------

Day 1 GraphicMENC98 KWNHRBG94E

Day 2 GraphicMENS98 KWNHRBG98E

Day 3 GraphicMENU98 KWNHRBG99E


For more information, please contact

Gregory Carbin


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