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Service Change Notice 16-34

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

710 AM EDT Tue Aug 30 2016


TO:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


FROM:    Darin Figurskey

         Operations Branch Chief, Ocean Prediction Center


SUBJECT: Termination of the Production of Legacy Redbook

         Graphics Effective October 3, 2016


The NWS National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) will terminate legacy Redbook

graphics effective at 1800 UTC Monday, October 3. During the

period for comment from May 27 to June 30 there were no comments

received on the termination proposal. See:


Redbook graphics are developed and sent from the NCEP Advanced

Weather Interactive Processing System (NAWIPS) to the national

AWIPS. Some Redbook graphics currently use World Meteorological

Organization (WMO) identifiers identical to other products

produced by the OPC.


For example, the OPC 48-hour wind/wave Redbook graphics use the

WMO identifiers PJAI88 KWNM (Atlantic) and PJBI88 KWNM

(Pacific). The 00z 48-hour wind/wave chart for the Atlantic also

uses the WMO identifier PJAI88 KWNM, while the 00z 48-hour

wind/wave chart for the Pacific also uses PJBI88 KWNM.  Because

WMO identifiers for certain Redbook graphics are identical to

radiofax graphics, there is concern of conflict with radiofax



All radiofax products will continue to be produced and will use

the same WMO identifiers. This proposal does not consider

changing radiofax product identifiers.


NWS will terminate the following products:


PYAA89 KWNM Redbook Unified Surface Analysis - Atlantic Portion

PWIA98 KWNM Redbook Atlantic Wind/Wave Analysis

PWIE98 KWNM Redbook Atlantic 24-hour Wind/Wave Forecast

PPAE89 KWNM Redbook Atlantic 24-hour Surface Forecast

PPAI89 KWNM Redbook Atlantic 48-hour Surface Forecast

PJAI88 KWNM Redbook 48-hour Wind/Wave Forecast

PPAM89 KWNM Redbook Atlantic 96-hour Surface Forecast

PJAA88 KWNM Redbook Atlantic Sea State Analysis

PYBA89 KWNM Redbook Unified Surface Analysis - Pacific Portion

PWIA97 KWNM Redbook Pacific Wind/Wave Analysis

PWIE97 KWNM Redbook Pacific 24-hour Wind/Wave Analysis

PPBE89 KWNM Redbook Pacific 24-hour Surface Forecast

PPBI89 KWNM Redbook Pacific 48-hour Surface Forecast

PJBI88 KWNM Redbook Pacific 48-hour Wind/Wave Forecast

PPBM89 KWNM Redbook Pacific 96-hour Surface Forecast

PJBA88 KWNM Redbook Pacific Sea State Analysis


The legacy Redbook graphics that NWS is terminating will

be available as radiofax and web products with identical



No changes are anticipated to the schedule or suite of

PC radiofax charts. For example, users will continue to receive

the current suite of graphical products as currently shown on

the OPC web site:


and at the web sites below:








There will also be no effect on the content or schedule via the

Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile Broadcast:


Please send any questions on this notice to:


  Darin Figurskey



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