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Service Change Notice 17-118

National Weather Service Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD

300 PM EST Mon Nov 20 2017


To:         Subscribers

            -NOAA Weather Wire Service

            -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


            Other NWS Partners and Employees


From:       Terrance J. Clark

            Director, WSR-88D Radar Operations Center


Subject:    WSR-88D RDA/RPG Build 18.0 Beta Test Scheduled to

            Begin January 2018


The Radar Operations Center will begin the Beta Test phase of

Radar Data Acquisition (RDA)/Radar Product Generator (RPG) Build

18.0 in January 2018 and continue through March 2018.


Changes affecting external users include the removal of four

Volume Coverage Patterns (VCPs) and the introduction of two new

VCPs. NWS will remove VCPs 11, 211, 21 and 221 and introduce

VCPs 35 and 215. More information is available at the link



Additionally, at KICX Cedar City, UT, the lowest elevation angle

will now be +0.2 degrees. This low elevation angle is a

supplement to the standard suite of elevation angles; +0.2

degrees will be included in all VCPs at KICX.


Build 18.0 Beta Test sites and tentative start dates are as



KUDX: Rapid City, SD

January 8, 2018


PHKI: Kauai, HI

January 22, 2018


KYUX: Yuma, AZ

January 29, 2018


KEYX: Edwards AFB, CA

February 5, 2018


KLTX: Wilmington, NC

February 5, 2018


NWS expect to begin full deployment of Build 18.0 in late March

or early April 2018.


Updated Interface Control Documents (ICDs) are available for

Build 18.0 at the following link:


For questions or comments, please contact:

      Jessica Schultz

      NWS Radar Focal Point

      Radar Operations Center


National Service Change Notices are online at: