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Public Information Statement 17-128

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1000 AM EST Mon Dec 4 2017


TO:       Subscribers:

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners, Users, and Employees


FROM:     Mark Tew

          Chief, Analysis and Mission Support Division


SUBJECT:  Discontinue the use of Instagram at NWS local Forecast

          Offices effective January 4, 2018


Effective January 4, 2018, NWS will discontinue Instagram

accounts at 12 NWS Weather Forecast Offices and 1 National

Center that participated in the prototyping effort from August

1, 2016 to November 2, 2016. NWS engaged in a prototype activity

at to explore the potential use of Instagram at these offices:


Upon evaluation, the NWS has decided not to pursue the use of

Instagram at individual NWS offices; however, the NWS will

continue to use the existing national NWS Instagram account

available since 2014


Disclaimers regarding NWS use of social media services can be

found at:


Below is a list of the offices in the prototyping effort that

will discontinue Instagram accounts:


Western Region:

- WFO Sacramento

- WFO Missoula

- WFO Seattle

- WFO Monterey



- Ocean Prediction Center


Southern Region:

- WFO El Paso

- WFO Austin/San Antonio


Eastern Region:

- WFO Wakefield

- WFO Columbia


Central Region:

- WFO Hastings

- WFO Sioux Falls


Alaska Region:

- WFO Juneau

- WFO Fairbanks


If you have comments or questions regarding this public

information statement, please contact:


  Melinda Bailey

  NWS Southern Region Headquarters

  819 Taylor Street

  Fort Worth, TX 76102


National Service Change Notices are online at: