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Service Change Notice 17-13

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

1225 PM Tue Feb 7 2017


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:    Ben Kyger

         Director, NCEP Central Operations


Subject: Planned Decomissioning of

         Effective March 7, 2017


Effective March 7, 2017, the National Centers for Environmental

Prediction Central Operations (NCO) will discontinue the URL Users can continue to access mobile services

at the following links:



A temporary redirect will be put in place which will redirect

users from



for 60 days to allow users to make a smooth transition to the

new service. 


The URL to be discontinued hosts a legacy application designed

for use before 2004 that is no longer maintainable. Site usage

has significantly decreased in the last several years as well.

The URL's main use was to provide weather data to low bandwidth

users on older technology cell phones. Users of this service

will need to update any bookmarks to properly view their

information at the equivalent service on or


If you have any questions or comments, please contact:


Kolly Mars

NCEP Central Operations

Internet Dissemination

Kansas City, MO 64153


National NWS Service change Notices are available at