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Service Change Notice 17-61

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

350 PM EDT Wed May 31 2017

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From:††† Joseph Pica

†††††††† Director, NWS Office of Observations


Subject: Add Geostationary Operational Environmental

†††††††† Satellite - 16 (GOES-16) Level 2 Derived Products

†††††††† to the Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN or

†††††††† NOAAPORT), effective May 31, 2017


Effective on or after 15UTC Wednesday, May 31, 2017, GOES-16

Level 2 Derived Products will be added to the SBN (also known as

NOAAPORT). These products are based on the GOES-16 Advanced

Baseline Imager (ABI). The SBN feed of these GOES-16 products

will be in a pre-operational validation and testing phase

through at least November 2017.


NOAA's GOES-16 satellite has not been declared operational and

its data are preliminary and undergoing testing. Users receiving

these data through any dissemination means assume all risk

related to their use of GOES-16 data and NOAA disclaims any and

all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without

limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness

for a particular purpose.These products are being added to

enable the testing of networks and systems with actual GOES-16

data and so that users will be able to evaluate the products

during this validation/test period.


It is not recommended that these preliminary products be used in

operational forecast processes, especially during the initial

months of this validation/test period. Any downstream postings

of these data should clearly convey their preliminary, non-

operational and in-testing nature. Furthermore, this data stream

may be subject to temporary unannounced data outages and

modifications during this validation and testing period. One or

more follow-on notices will provide information on the progress

and conclusion of the validation period.

Refer to prior Service Change Notice 17-24 which introduced

GOES-R imagery to the SBN:

That imagery will continue to flow as the new Level 2 derived

products described herein are added to the network.††††


The new GOES-16 level 2 derived products, the first

11 characters of their WMO headers and their geographical

regions of coverage are as follows:


GOES-16 Product†††††††††††††††† WMO Header††† Regions

---------------†††††††††††††††† ----------††† -------

Aerosol Detection (Smoke+Dust)IXTA99 KNES†† F,C,M

Aerosol Optical Depth†††††††††† IXTB99 KNES†† F,C

Cloud Top Phase†††††††††††††††† IXTD99 KNES†† F,C,M

Cloud Top Height††††††††††††††† IXTG99 KNES†† F,C,M

Cloud Top Pressure††††††††††††† IXTX01 KNES†† F,C

Cloud Top Temperature†††††††††† IXTI99 KNES†† F,M

Derived Stability Indices†††††† IXTN99 KNES†† F,C,M

Total Precipitable Water††††††† IXTO99 KNES†† F,C,M

Clear Sky Mask††††††††††††††††† IXTH99 KNES†† F,C,M

Fire/Hot Spot CharacterizationIXTJ99 KNES†† F,C

Land Surface (Skin) Temperature IXTK99 KNES†† F,C,M


Notes on table above:

1. Region codes refer to GOES-16 ABI sectors, where F refers to

Full Disk, C refers to CONUS and M refers to mesoscale.


2. Derived Stability Indices include Convective Available

Potential Energy (CAPE), Lifted Index (LI), K Index (KI),

Showalter Index and Total Totals Index (TT).


3. KNES signifies that NOAA/NESDIS is the creating data center.


For the foreseeable future, the SBNís Experimental channel (PID

106) will be used to disseminate these GOES-16 Level 2 derived

products; however, NOAA anticipates the SBN suite of GOES-16

products described here will evolve. Several of these products

are likely to be discontinued after an evaluation period. Other

products eventually will be moved to other SBN channels and

possibly modified. Additional GOES-16 products are planned for

addition to the SBN during June 2017. Future service change

notices will describe these changes in advance.


The file format for these products is netCDF4.


GOES-16 remains stationed over its 89.5 degrees west longitude

station. From this location, it is undergoing checkout and

validation. GOES-16 will be moved to the GOES-East position at

75 degrees west longitude, once it is declared operational in

November 2017.


Additional information about the flow of GOES-16 products on the

SBN has been posted at the following web site and will be

periodically updated:

Critical weather or other factors could delay the activation of

these products on the SBN.

For questions pertaining to this change or upcoming plans for

the addition of GOES-16 products onto NOAAPORT, please contact:


†††† Brian Gockel

†††† NOAA/NWS Office of Observations

†††† Surface and Upper Air Division, Services Branch

†††† Silver Spring, MD 20910

†††† Email:

For questions regarding the scientific or technical content of

the NOAAPORT-disseminated GOES-16 products please contact:


†††† Environmental Satellite Processing Center (ESPC) Help Desk

†††† Suitland, Maryland 20746

†††† Phone: 301-817-3880

†††† Email:

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