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Service Change Notice 17-65

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

800 AM EDT Tue Jun 7 2017


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and Employees


From:    Eli Jacks

         National Weather Service Headquarters

         Chief, Forecast Services Division


Subject: Discontinuing Experimental Southern Region Emergency

         Response Tool June 19, 2017


The NWS is discontinuing the Experimental Southern Region

Emergency Response Tool (ERTool) on June 19, 2017. The

experimental ERTool was designed for mobile devices, allowing

users to access popular services quickly via easily accessible



The NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) in New Orleans/Baton

Rouge, LA (LIX) and Houston, TX (HGX) have been testing this

tool since August 2013. During this time, only 20 survey

responses were collected. While most of the comments were

positive, more recent NWS webpage redesign has resulted in local

web pages that are scalable for display on mobile devices.


Because users of the Experimental ERTool can now more easily

access the same weather information from the WFO LIX and WFO HGX

web pages (at and, respectively)

it was decided to discontinue this experimental service.


For questions regarding this notice contact:


     Melinda Bailey

     Communications Program Manager

     NWS Southern Region Headquarters

     817-978-100 ext 107


National Service Change Notices are online at: