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Service Change Notice 17-76

National Weather Service Silver Spring, MD

335 PM EDT Thu Jun 15 2017


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From:áááá Paul Bradley

ááááááááá Acting Chief, National Ocean Service (NOS)

ááááááááá Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and

ááááááááá Services (CO-OPS) Oceanographic Division


Subject:á Implementation of the Tampa Bay Marine Channels

ááááááááá Forecast (TBMCF) at NOS/CO-OPS, effective

ááááááááá August 1, 2017


Effective August 1, 2017, at 1300 Coordinated Universal Time

(UTC), 900 AM EDT, the NOAA/NOS Tampa Bay Marine Channels

Forecast will be implemented at CO-OPS.


The Tampa Bay Marine Channels Forecast product, developed by the

NWS/Tampa Bay Weather Forecast Office (WFO), fully integrates

NWS forecasts with NOS water level and current forecast guidance

from the CO-OPS Tampa Bay Operational Forecast System (TBOFS).

The integrated forecasts are available at critical points along

the Tampa Bay shipping channels navigated by local mariners

including emergency managers, the U.S. Coast Guard, researchers

(NOAA, the University of South Florida, and the Florida Fish and

Wildlife Conservations Commission), harbor pilots, towing or tug

boat operators, recreational boaters, and any users or partners

with interest in the respective environmental data forá

Tampa Bay.


This product is a significant enhancement to TBOFS because it

fully integrates NWS forecasts (wind direction and speed, wind

gust, significant wave height and period, swell, rain chance,

weather, hazards and the probability of visibility of less than

one statute mile) with TBOFS water levels and currents forecast

guidance, and meteorological and oceanographic observations.


The TBMCF product, which focuses on the shipping channels of

Tampa Bay, includes the following:

-Forecasts at 13 critical locations or stations along the

áTampa Bay shipping channels in the form of time series

áand text-based data listings

-Along-channel cross-sections displaying the forecast

áconditions along the complete Tampa Bay marine channels

-Map or aerial views of the Tampa Bay forecast conditions


The forecasts extend out to 24 hours and are either hourly orá

3-hourly in resolution.


Currently an experimental version of the TBMCF, developed and

operated by the NWS Tampa Bay WFO, can be accessed here:


Effective August 1, 2017, the TBMCF product will be accessible

via TBOFS, located here:


All forecasts displayed in the TBMCF will be available under

TBOFs in the NOS/CO-OPS OPeNDAP server at


and in the CO-OPS THREDDS server at


For more information, please contact:


Marcus Austin

NWS/WFO Tampa Bay Area/Ruskin, FL



Ernie Jillson

Information Technology Officer (ITO)

NWS/WFO Tampa Bay Area/Ruskin, FL

813-645-2323 extension 235


Cristina UrÝzar


NOS/CO-OPS/Oceanographic Division



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